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Cliúsaíocht as Gaeilge - Making Out in Irish - Rossa Ó Snodaigh


Cliúsaíocht as Gaeilge - Making Out in Irish - Rossa Ó Snodaigh

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This book makes it easy to acquire the valuable phrases of daily intercourse that could, perhaps, lead to another type of intercourse. Covering all aspects from winking at someone to waking up with them. This is the language you certainly won't be taught at school

Cliúsaíocht as Gaeilge also features a pronunciation guide and the sentences written phonetically for those who'd be unfamiliar with the vocal values of written Irish.

Leabhair í seo atá lán de na nathanna luachmhara atá riachtanach más mian leat Gaeilge a labhairt is tú ag bualadh le daoine nó ag bualadh leathair leo. Clúdaíonn sé chuile ní ó chaochadh súile le duine istoíche go hoscailt do shúile is iad farat ar maidin 

Tá nathanna anseo gur cinnte nach mbeithfear á múineadh ar scoil.


A book for the tourist, learner, and native speaker alike, this book will teach the total beginner a plethora of phrases which we have no doubt will impress the object of your desire.

Irish people have been making out in Irish for far longer than they have been in English. So arousing a language is it that our population grew to 8 million in 1840. Perhaps it wasn’t the famine, but the sudden change from speaking Gaeilge to English that caused our population to decline to 4.5million in 1980. It can’t be said for sure, but the the country now boasts 1.8 million speakers which may in fact be causing the recent population growth to about 6 million in 2007 and the more recent baby boom of 2010.