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When Peace Broke Out in the Garden


When Peace Broke Out in the Garden

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Rónán's wonderful poetry is back!!! Following the great success of his last book The Garden Wars, Rónán has delved back into the garden with this epic poem When Peace Broke Out in the Garden. Very much in the vein of the The Garden Wars it is full of the joys of the garden and full of Rónán's unique view of the world through plants. This is a master at work without a doubt and this book is a great companion to The Garden Wars.

Here's what the man himself says.

"This poem is a sequel to another poem called The Garden Wars published in 2007. Yes it's taken me 'till now to come around to resolving and writing the sequel. I always hope that each poem I write is the last one. I prefer writing songs as the words, images and storyline are given a flexibility to grow and change as they are sung. sometimes I find poetry as a necessity because some subjects can't be reduced to rhyme and rhythm and so I grapple with them in poetry.

So with this: I hope I can remain untroubled now that I have completed this poem and not have to resort to poetry again other than to enjoy other author's work."

The book is beautifully designed by Iulian Pirpiliu using an image of one of Ken Bolger's beautiful pieces of art.